Throughout the years, Ustad Daud Khan has been teaching music and the Afghan rubab to a great number of students who have fallen in love with this most wonderful instrument, convinced that they can learn no matter their background. Some of them have become excellent: not only playing very well, but composing as well new pieces with good taste. They really contribute to the life and spreading of the musical tradition, like a new branch of the fragile tree.

” With a master who can awake your sense for music, you get something unique, that no book or nothing else would give you. It also makes the learning process easier. There is an age-old wisdom in oral transmission. “

Ustad Daud Khan

Ustad Daud Khan teaches in the traditional Master-Disciple (UstadShagerd or GuruShishya ) way of transmission, in which he was trained himself, first in Kabul with Ustad Mohammad Omar, the Sultan of rubab, then with Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, one of the greatest contemporary sarod players. This school relies on the active listening and repetition of what is played by the Master, where notation, using the Indian Saregam system, holds a minor mnemonic role. One learns through the music and the proximity of the Master.

When physical presence is not possible, rubab and sarod private lessons are available via online video calls.

Practical informations

Private lessons are offered via videoconference for a length of 1 hour per session.
The first meeting is free and is an introductory session to get to know the method of teaching.
The fee is then 50€ per session (or 45€ per session for 5 sessions paid in advance, with a 10% discount).
Ustad Daud Khan teaches in English, Persian, German and Pashto.
Good internet connection and video quality (phone or computer) is required.
To begin your journey, please get in touch via either
the contact form
– email:
– phone: +49(0)223661396

Seminars – Ustad Daud Khan regularly gives seminar, mostly in Greece, Spain and Italy. For informations on the next seminars, please see the Dates page.