Always attentive to the fine details of good instruments, Daud Khan started to repair instruments back in Kabul. Setting up the skin of the rubab, adjusting the pegs or the strings slots on the nut and bridge, to carving the special openings on the latter’s feet… A musician’s happiness comes from the sound of his or her instrument. With decades of experience restoring, setting up and fine tuning a variety of instruments old and new following the traditional ways, he is always happy to help revive the original sound, the one that touches the soul.

Khosk Tār o Khosk Choob o Khosk Poost
Az Kojā Meāiad in Āvāz-e Doost

Dry String, Dry Wood and Dry Skin,
Whence Comes the Chant of the Beloved?

Maulana Rumi Balkhi

Most of his attention is devoted to the bridge, the heart of every instrument. Unfortunately, the special knowledge of making proper bridges for the rubab seems to be getting lost, resulting in instruments with closed sound. Daud Khan has been crafting and correcting bridges following the models of the famed makers of the last century, when electric amplification was not yet the norm, to reveal the true, deep and warm sound of the rubab.